Front Signage
Salt and Pepper Chicken
Lobster Bisque
Clubhouse Sandwich
French Toast
Honey Toast Box
Macau Sawdust Pudding
Wooden Bucket Tofu Dessert
BBQ Duck Rice Noodles
House Special Noodle Soup
Taiwanese Beef Noodle
Sliced Beef Hot Pot
Seafood & Tofu Hot Pot
Beef Brisket & Pork Blood Hot Pot
Sliced Beef with Ginger & Green Onion Set Meal
Spicy Chicken with Cashew Set Meal
Sliced Beef with Swirl Egg on Rice
Garlic Shrimp Fried Rice
Yang Chow Fried Rice
Scallop Egg White Fried Rice
Pan Fried Beef With Rice Noodle
Baked Halibut with Puff Pastry
Baked Curry Beef Brisket
Baked Seafood on Rice
Baked Spaghetti with Meat Sauce
Baked Tomato and Cream Sauce on Rice
Sirloin Steak
Salmon Wellington
Traffic Light Bubble Tea
Bubble Tea
Bubble Tea Teapot
HK Drinks: Red Bean Ice
Special Creation: Traffic Light
Fresh Strawberry Milky Tea